I want to let you know how much your efforts have been appreciated. You have made a significant contribution to the early success of our product launch through your recruiting efforts and I have always been able to depend on you to get the job done. The extra time and effort you put in has resulted in the best talent in the industry and their presence is showing in the results we are seeing. I have worked with many executive recruiters over the years, but none has been as thorough and attentive as you. You have always been able to grasp the background and job requirements of the candidates for which we were searching. As a result, you have helped us to meet extremely demanding timelines. We now have one of the best management and sales teams in the industry thanks to you. You have been a huge asset and I will continue to utilize your services and expertise in the future.

One reason for my success as a manager is having you as my recruiter. I have enjoyed our partnership over the years and take comfort in knowing that when I have an opening you will help me save time by recruiting talented and qualified individuals.

I wanted to take a minute and thank you for your assistance in recruiting. I thought we were working on an unrealistic timeframe, but with the extra time and effort you spent locating and qualifying the best candidates we were able to meet the deadline ahead of schedule! You were always professional and courteous and it truly was a pleasure working with you!

Shannon has been nothing short of exceptional. She has helped me build my 10- member team in just 30 days!

Shannon is the best recruiter I have ever worked with!

Shannon is a pleasure to work with and is a huge asset to me as a manager!

Thank you for your participation in the recent recruitment, interviewing and selection process for Atlanta. Your professionalism, prompt responses and overall cooperativeness made a difficult process easier. The quality of candidates you sent was outstanding. They were all great people and, as I told you, I would have hired any one of them.

Our partnership is already demonstrating the commitment to aggressively move on this expansion and I am very pleased with your responsiveness. Thank you for taking the time to assist me with this project.

You do a great job and it was wonderful working with you. I wish you much success going forward, you are one of the good ones.


Thanks for all your efforts over the past several months. You are the reason I’m now in my “Dream Job”! Aside from helping me accomplish my professional goals, you helped me with 4 of my team members as well! Your personality and professionalism separate you from all others and enables you to excel!

Thank you so much for the assistance you provided me during the process. You were a great help to me and I truly appreciate everything you did for me. You helped make what can be a difficult process a fun one!

You are phenomenal! Thanks for your motivation, support and encouragement.

Thanks again for your obvious commitment to professionalism. It’s easy to see why the company uses you as their recruiter!

I wanted you to know how much I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication. Thanks again for being such a wonderful recruiter!

Many thanks for all of your efforts regarding the interviewing process. I start on Monday and am very excited about my new career move. I truly appreciate all of your efforts, patience and of course placing me!

You were a pleasure to work with! You reviewed my paperwork quickly, assessed my areas of strength and within a week had an interview for me! I was well briefed on the position and I found that the interviewer had a good understanding of my qualifications. Thank you for your thoroughness. I am delighted to have had the opportunity to work with you and if I ever find myself in the job market again, I will contact you as a first priority!