What to do (and not) when interviewing


  • Research the company to know its culture and services provided.
  • Use good body language to appear energetic and interested in the position.
  • Use your smile and eye contact to win over the interviewer.
  • Quantify your past accomplishments rather than your experience.
  • Be prepared to answer questions on your liabilities.
  • Let the company name the salary figure: “He who names first loses.”
  • Introduce yourself by first name and call the interviewer by the name the person uses to introduce himself or herself.
  • Write a follow up Thank You letter to show sincere interest ASAP. Email is acceptable


  • Don’t correct the interviewer.
  • Don’t take longer than 60 seconds to answer questions.
  • Don’t overlook the interviewer’s body language.
  • Don’t have excessive hand movements.
  • Don’t exaggerate or lie about your experience.
  • Don’t forget to show that you are very interested in the opening.
  • Don’t be late for the appointment. Arrive 15 minutes early.
  • Don’t bring up the topic of compensation.
  • Don’t “name drop” to appear well connected if you can’t back up your claim.